A Piece of Cakewalk

22 Apr

I won a pie today!  The Echo Dene School Super Soccer team held a “cake walk” to raise funds for their trip to Yellowknife.  What is a cake walk?  Well you may ask.  I saw one for the first time today.

The first I heard of it was last night when Michael slapped his forehead and said, “D’oh!  I promised I’d make a cake for the cake walk tomorrow!”  We finished the episode of “Family Guy” that we were watching and then Michael went and made a wonderful berry coffee cake.  (He has made this before, and it is delicious!) 

Unfortunately Michael started baking at 11:00 p.m.  Also unfortunately, the recipe said the cake had to bake for an hour.  Even more unfortunately, it actually took an hour and twenty minutes.  I read a chapter of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” to him while we were waiting for the timer to ring; but we were both so tired, Michael had to re-read it today, as he could remember none of what he had heard last night.

Anyway, the cake turned out beautifully, and we brought it to the school at 2:00 this afternoon.  On the gym floor were 25 pairs of construction paper footprints, arranged in a cirlce, and all nicely numbered.  For each round of the cakewalk, a person would pay a dollar for the privilege of claiming one pair of these footprints (so 25 people could play in each round).  Next, one of the teachers would start some music playing, and, much like musical chairs, all the participants started to walk around the circle, trying to stay on the footprints.  When the music stopped, you had to make sure to be on a pair of footprints; although there were the same number of players as footprints, there were inevitably bottlenecks in the path, so that sometimes you would get stuck between footprints, and have to go running across to the free set at the other side of the circle.  Finally, someone would pick some numbers out of a bucket, and if you were standing on the winning number, you could go a claim a cake as a prize!

They gave away two cakes in each round, and since there were about 40 cakes donated, there were lots of rounds to go around!  Most of the cakes were covered in white icing and had colourful sprinkles.  Since kids won most of the time, these were the first cakes to go.  Michael’s cake was much taller and heavier than any other but it just didn’t have kid appeal.  (One high-schooler said it looked like a giant muffin with a hole in the middle.  We didn’t think to fill the hole of the bundt with a flowerpot . . . )

In fact, after spending $10, I finally won in the last round and I got to choose between a delicious pie baked by our friend Valerie, or the very cake Michael and I had brought!  (I chose the pie, since Michael said he’d make the cake again sometime.)  The girl who ended up winning the coffee cake was about 12, and she was not too impressed with it.  However, one of the teachers had been eyeing it and offered to buy it!  The deal was made for $5 – so both the girl and the teacher were happy.  Michael noted that his was the last cake to be chosen, but it was also the only one we knew of that got paid for, too!

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