A Day at the Fort

23 Apr

I was up bright and early today, despite it being Saturday.  My friend Dale and I were bound for Fort Nelson, to take her dog Isis to the vet for – urk! – spaying.  Isis is a year old, huge, and still growing.  She’s an bull-mastiff/amstaff cross, and she towers over Nanuq, who once tumbled her regularly during play.  Lucky she’s so good natured, as she could easily tumble a grown man these days.

Nanuq, too, had to go to the vet; he had to give up a gallon of blood for allergy testing.  While it sounds pathetic to do allergy testing for a pet, you really have to see him to appreciate how truly pathetic his plight is.  Besides bald patches on his rear, he also has huge itchy welts on his snout.  He was so miserable this month, Michael and I both agreed it was worth shelling out the $300 for the tests.  Good thing we didn’t buy the mutt in the first place!

It was perfect driving weather and Dale was great company, so despite the serious aim of our errand, it was a fun trip.  (Well, not from the dogs’ point of view.)  However, I am now drained of all energy (I don’t think carrying Isis into her house, kennel and all, helped on that count!) so I am off to bed.  Yes, yes it is 9:30 p.m.  I can’t believe I plan to some day be a parent . . .


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