Smokey the Bear says . . .

2 May

". . . only you can prevent forest fires!"

Yesterday, we were down to two volunteer fire-fighters in Fort Liard, and they were both Junior members at that.  One of them remarked to me that a number of the fire-fighters were going to be back in town by midnight, so they only had half a day where they had to pray that there would be no fire calls.

I was at Mike J. and Melanie’s house for supper when, sure enough, we heard the wailing run-to-your-bomb-shelter sound of the fire alarm.  I was scared; what if it was another big fire like the one they had at the school two summers ago?  Mike, being an RCMP officer, decided he’d better go check it out to make sure things were under control, particularly since the fire-fighters were so short-staffed.  I went home to make sure it wasn’t MY house on fire, as my next-door neighbour had been burning his grass earlier in the day.  (Folks here rarely bother to rake in the fall — they simply burn the lawn in early spring.)

Fortunately, it wasn’t my house on fire.  Apparently it was a grass fire near the old church, and it was out by the time Mike arrived.  It might have been a kid playing a prank (this happened last week at the baseball diamond).  Thank God (no pun intended) the church itself didn’t catch fire.  It’s really a historic building, literally hand-built by a priest who used to live here.

It’s just upsetting that people would be out burning their lawns without permits.  Things can easily get out of hand if the wind picks up.  (My neighbour had, in fact, received permission to do his lawn — the day before.  Not yesterday, when practically all the fire-fighters were out of town.)  My heart stops every time I hear the fire alarm.  Although I knew that this time Michael couldn’t possibly come to any harm, as he is out of town, I find the idea of a house fire absolutely terrifying.  I sure hope everyone will have the sense to get fire permits, and I really hope the fire department is never again as short-staffed as it was yesterday evening.  Anyone willing to be another volunteer on the team?


One Response to “Smokey the Bear says . . .”

  1. Nemmy May 4, 2005 at 10:10 am #

    Me! I like uniforms.Like Mike likes Santa.

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