Procrastina rem nunc

9 May

I should be working.

But I am contemplating the daffodil that has bloomed in my front garden.  For days, it has held the promise of a blossom, and this morning it finally happened!  I know it is difficult for most people to understand my obsession with my flowerbed, but this is the first time I have ever planted bulbs, and I am dizzy with the miracle of it all.

The weekend passed far too quickly.  Some of the time I worked.  Some of the time I procrastinated.  (Michael and I stayed in bed until almost 1 p.m. on Saturday, deep in discussion.  I can’t recall ever staying in bed that late before!)  We had dinner at Ken and Dianne’s on Saturday, and played cards until almost midnight.  I now know how to play rummy.  We were supposed to have a couple over for dinner last night, but they must have forgotten, as they didn’t show.  So we invited Jeff over to share all the food.  And we shared a lovely bottle of red Chilean wine.  I keep thinking I’m going to stop drinking wine, but I had opened this bottle for the steak marinade (no cooking wine left).  Michael also finished boiling down his birch syrup – yum!

Our friend Shannon called.  She was supposed to arrive here on Tuesday this week, but now her trip has been delayed, so she won’t be coming until next week.  This is sad, but probably just as well, as I should be working this week . . .

Disjointed thoughts are what happen when you are supposed to be thinking about something else.


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