I get by with a little help from my friends

12 May

Some days, it seems like you just shouldn’t get out of bed.  Yesterday was such a day.  Neither Michael nor I got enough sleep (we both had fascinating books we couldn’t put down – sigh! It’s a dangerous addiction) the result of which we were both cranky in the morning.  I’ve got a few other things on my mind these days, as well, and it all just added up to a pretty crummy day.

Around 4:30, Bob called from Ottawa.  He’d had a pretty bad day, too, but his new roommate handed him a rum and coke as we were chatting, so he cheered up quite a bit after that.  It had the effect of lifting my spirits a bit, too, even if I couldn’t partake in their refreshments.  Later in the evening, Sharleen called from Whitby.  She just finished her first year of Naturopathic Medicine, so she was in a celebratory mood, too.  Plus, she’s just always so sweet and upbeat and understanding and sympathetic, I can’t help but feel great every time I talk to her!

Just before bed, I decided to check my e-mail (and I got some – yay!)  Whenever I go online, I automtically get logged into MSN; four of my friends started conversations with me (one from Ottawa, one in China, one in Rocky Mountain House, and one in Hay River!).  It was so much fun, hopping from one window to another and trying to keep up with all the threads!

Oh yes, and Michael and I made up for our stupid argument, so I was in a much better mood by the time I went to sleep last night.  Which helps make today a much better day, too.  Thank goodness for friends!


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