The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on My Brain

17 May

We finally have rain!  The grass and my remaining tulips (which are just about to bloom, so stay away, you  buffalos!) have been begging for it for some time; it was a relief to hear the rain spattering against my window as I went to bed last night. 

What was NOT a relief, was the fact that the TV antenna on top of our house somehow got loose yesterday evening.  It seems to be barely hanging on to the roof, and I have disconnected the cable for fear of some fluke-y kind of fire.  I can’t get to it without also getting onto the roof, which just seems like a bad idea while it’s raining.

I’ve finally been able to get more work done today, which is a relief, as well.  I credit this to clearing my mind of some garbage that has been accumulating for a while.  Specifically, a ridiculous and impossible crush I developed some time ago.  Ridiculous since I LOVE my husband and have no intention of replacing him, and impossible because I believe in staying faithful in my marriage.  So it has been a rather uncomfortable place in my head.  Really, I felt like a "silly schoolgirl" again, which isn’t as fun as it sounds!

[This isn’t the first time this has happened, and Shannon says this is the type of problem that Scorpios have.  But I couldn’t get her to elaborate on that, so I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean!]

One thing that has helped is actually talking it over with Michael who said he figured it was a problem only if I actually acted on my feelings.  What a wonderfully understanding husband I have!  No wonder I plan to keep him.

I remember once reading a passage in some version of the Bible that said thinking about committing adultery is just as bad as actually doing it; but maybe it meant "intending" to commit adultery is just as bad as doing it.  Anyway, Catholic that I am, I had tremendous feelings of guilt, and so this blog entry is meant as a kind of catharsis.  I suppose I’m really not guilty of anything other than some foolishness . . .

It all just makes me wish for a magic potion of some kind; while half the world wishes they could find a way to make people fall in love, I think I need something that could turn it off!  Anyhow, it feels like the rain is helping to clean out my mind, so bring it on!


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