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15 Jun

We bought a house!  Well, of course, there are still conditions on the sale (a good home inspection, financing, getting insurance, the usual) but we wrote a big deposit cheque this morning, so it’s all official.  The last few days have been very stressful, and we’re still wondering if we’ve REALLY made the right decision, but at least I know we’ll have some place to live!

If you could see it, you’d see that the place is really ugly from the outside (!), but it’s been very nicely renovated inside.  The house was also greatly overpriced – it’s 30 years old and there are some maintenance issues we’re going to have to deal with.  We managed to get the vendors to agree to a more reasonable price, so that’s a good thing, too.

Today has been a frenzy of activity, starting with a visit to the real estate agent to sign the amended sale contract, then calling various insurance companies to get quotes for home insurance.  This afternoon I visited my future workplace to take care of some administrivia, and while we were there, Michael discovered a job posting that is perfect for him, but the closing date was today at 5 p.m.!  We rushed back to our B&B to put together a resume for him (from scratch, since we don’t happen to have a copy of his resume here) and e-mailed it off within the two hours that were left to us.

About an hour ago, the thunder clouds broke open and poured some hail down on Whitehorse.  The hail’s stopped now, but it’s raining very hard.  And we’re about to go out to a friend’s cottage for a barbecue!

No matter about the weather; I think we deserve a celebration!


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