Kimono Dreams

9 Sep
Last night Michael and I went to an art exhibit called Kimono Dreams at the Yukon Arts Centre .  We heard about the show from our housemate, Maria, who is a goldsmith.  About a dozen artists from the Whitehorse area all contributed art on the theme of the kimono.  There were paintings, ceramic installations, silk screens, paper collages, beadwork, and from Maria’s shop, jewellery.  Maria and her two bosses, David and Cheryl put in several pieces of jewellery that to me seemed like the centrepieces of the show. 
Maria and David collaborated on a hinged two-sided pendant (shaped like a kimono) made of gold, enamalled in blue on one side and red on the other, and embellished with diamonds and amazing golden dragons.  The clasp for the pendant was made up of a 3-dimensional dragon head holding a pearl in its mouth — to open the pendant, you slide the pearl out from behind the dragon’s teeth.  Amazing!  Maria also made a "netzuke", a small hook- or button-like object used by kimono wearers to hold items in place, since there were no pockets on the garments.  Cheryl put in a beautiful silver and gold kimono-shaped pendant with a "tangerine pinfire" opal in it — I’d only ever seen white opals, so I was quite taken with the orangey-red one she used.  It was also embellished with tiny strands of gold wire and microscopic gold granules.  Maria explained the process of fusing them on and how difficult it is to do without melting the entire piece.
I never really gave jewellery-making much thought before, so having a goldsmith for a housemate has been a great learning experience.  And going to the art exhibit reminded me about how fun art can be.  Maybe we need to turn one of our rooms into an arts & crafts studio.

3 Responses to “Kimono Dreams”

  1. Nemmy September 10, 2005 at 11:57 am #

    I\’m glad you elaborated on that, \’cause Michael\’s brief mention of the exhibit made me go "hunh??" 🙂 Though the elaboration on his estimation Indiana-Jonesing was pretty cool!

  2. Rhapsody September 10, 2005 at 6:29 pm #

    Sounds really interesting. I have a daughter who is into making jewelry, she hasnt taken any classes or anything just doing her thang. Perhaps your friend has some tips in terms of what are some of the basic standard tool are best to have to start?……About your question on Catorgories…..I didnt do anything special really. I went to EDIT MY SPACE, clicked on CUSTOMIZE; Selected MODULES and selected CATEGORIES. I dont know that this will make a difference but in LAYOUT, i have the selected the layout TWO COLUMNS, LEFT NARROW…hope that helps?Have a blessed Sunday

  3. Fawn September 12, 2005 at 9:33 am #

    It works! It works! And it was so darned simple . . .

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