A week to next Monday

12 Sep
As I mentioned in my blog last week, we should be glad on Mondays, because it’s a whole week before we have to have another one.
The weekend passed far too quickly.  Michael actually ended up having to work.  A Japanese trade delegation was in Whitehorse to learn about forestry, and Michael had to join in on the activities.  The upside is, besides the usual presentations and conference-type stuff, the group did a lot of neat and interesting things, such as a boat tour of Schwatka Lake (normally $70 for the boat and plane tour), visiting the Yukon Wildlife Preserve (usually a $30 entrance fee), visiting a forest demonstration area, and touring a dream home on Lake Laberge.  (The idea of the home tour was to promote stick-built house construction, which is not the norm in most of the world outside North America.)  I got invited along to the barbecue at Lake Laberge, helped one of the Japanese delegates successfully take his first canoe trip, and discovered that the dream home we were touring belongs to a colleague in another branch of my department!  Michael’s still busy with the trade delegation today; they’re off to Teslin, where the local First Nation will be hosting a feast for them.
Another weekend highlight was learning some new games when Mike T and his girlfriend Kim came over.  The games were "Bohnanza" and "The Penguin Ultimatum" and both were fun.  Michael came in late on Saturday night after his tour of Scwatka Lake and joined us in a game of Bohnanza.  Before going out to Lake Laberge on Sunday night to join in the barbecue, I filled my day with regular chores (groceries, laundry, tidying), but also took lots of time to just lounge and read, with a cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.  Ah yes, that’s what a weekend should be all about!

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