12 Sep
While drinking my hot chocolate with whipped cream on Sunday afternoon (the whipped cream needed to be used up!), I felt some flutters that I wish I could confidently say were baby movements.  It seems likely that the baby would react to caffeine and sugar, but then, so does my whole digestive system, I would think.
My doctor said that she was 22 weeks pregnant before she really felt sure that the movement she was feeling was from the baby.  On the other hand, my friend Melanie has been feeling kicks for about 2 weeks.  She’s super thin, and there was no fluttering for her.  She says it feels as if someone is poking their finger into your stomach (from the wrong side, of course)!
Maybe I should be glad I’m not sure about the movements yet; maybe it means a calmer child who won’t be sticking his/her heels up into my ribs when the space in there starts to get tight.  On the other hand, maybe this is just sour grapes!

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