159 bpm

20 Sep
Well I had another routine doctor’s visit this morning.  It seems like I’ve been having a lot of medical appointments, but I guess it’s because we had the ultrasound just last week. 
We met Dr. Ikeji, who is the other doctor who runs the pre-natal clinic at the hospital.  (Up to now, we’d met only Dr. Williams.)  I had heard that Dr. Ikeji was highly experienced and competent, but rather brusque in manner.  Michael and I didn’t find her brusque at all; in fact, she seemed really sweet.  I’m so happy that we like both the doctors who are likely to be delivering our baby!
Dr. Ikeji was pleased that she could hear both the loud and soft beats of the baby’s heart – the systolic and diastolic beats.  The baby’s heart rate was 159 bpm today.  I got weighed, as well, and am now 161.5 lbs, which I think is the heaviest I’ve ever been.  (That’s a 3.5 lb gain from last visit, for a total 8.5 lbs so far, so really, I’m right on track.  This is no time to worry about gaining weight!)

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