21 Sep
It’s almost lunchtime.  Today, I have some leftover "Dill-Licious Lemon Chicken" (courtesy of the Looneyspoons cookbook), leftover mashed potatoes, and leftover organic greens salad, with leftover salad dressing.  Mmmm! 
While I eat my lunch, I plan to finish my latest loaner from the library.  It’s called "The Cat Who Smelled a Rat" by Lillian Jackson Braun, and it’s the twelfth book I’ve read of her "The Cat Who…" series.  I’m feeling rather anguished over it because this is the last book of the series that the library owns.  What a sad day!  The books are all "whodunits" that get solved by a journalist with a prescient cat.  They’re light, easy-to-read, somewhat predictable, and thoroughly entertaining.  As one reviewer puts it, "The mix of crime and cats [is] catnip to readers who like both."
I guess I’ll have to take this opportunity to branch out into other sections of the library.  Fortunately, it’s very convenient to get to the library, because it is actually connected to my office building.  I’m usually a big fan of children’s literature, but the library has so much more to offer!  I’m definitely a fiction kind of gal, though.  Anyone have any suggestions for good adult fiction that I’m likely to find at the library?

One Response to “Bibliophile”

  1. Unknown September 23, 2005 at 2:13 pm #

    I think you might like Crow Like by Mary (watson? larson?). its about a family in northern ontario…also "a good house" another canadian goodie, hmm what else have i read… OOOOOH a VERY interesting book, a little out there but very cool, Martha Beck\’s "expecting adam" about an unusual pregnancy…. very inspiring. Anything martha beck is awesome.let me know what you pick!Lar

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