Dinner and a French Class

23 Sep
Yesterday was a busy day, so it went by really quickly.  I had a couple of great meetings in the morning (one where I was learning stuff, and one where I was helping to do orientation for someone).  I spent my lunch hour reading my latest library book ("The Red Tent", as recommended by Nemmy).  In the afternoon, my new office chair was delivered, and one of the guys in the office helped me to put it together; it’s SOO much more comfortable than the old broken one I had.  I was a bit light-headed by the end of the day because of the "new chair smell", but the weekend is coming up, so I hope most of the smell will be gone by next week.
At 5:30, I joined some of my colleagues from the Public Service Commission for dinner at a local continental/German restaurant called Panda’s.  No one from my branch went, but it was nice getting to know some of the more social folks from the other branches.  Dinner was great, too — I had a seafood crepe with mushroom sauce. Mmmmm.  Unfortunately, I had to run out before they brought out the dessert menus because it was almost 7:00, which is when my first French class was to start.
The school was a two-block walk away, and I made it with 2 minutes to spare.  There are 11 students in the advanced "conversation" class, and I think it’s going to be great!  I’m not the best in the class, but not the worst, either, so I won’t feel inadequate, but there’ll be folks there who will help me to stretch and improve.  It was really fun being in a French class again, especially because everyone made an effort to conduct the class exclusively in French. 
One of the funniest coincidences was that the woman who was sitting next to me is also 5 months pregnant and is due at the same time as me  (my due date is February 3, and she told me she was due between February 2 and 4).  We had lots of fun chatting about pregnancy symptoms in French.  ("Les mouvements que j’ai senti aujourd’hui étaient comme le maïs soufflé!")

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