Good things come in brown packages

27 Sep
Don’t you just love getting a package?  Whether I’m ordering books, replenishing office supplies, or getting a present, there’s something about a box with my name on it that just makes my very being shout, "Yay!"  Well, today Lindsay’s parcel of maternity clothes arrived at my desk, so I had the double thrill of getting a package and getting a HUGE boost to my wardrobe! 
I can’t wait to get home to really have a look; I don’t dare unpack the box at my office, or I may never get everything back in; Lindsay sure knows how to pack a box!  She also inherited her Granny’s ability to make a package virtually impenetrable with packing tape; I believe it took a full five minutes to actually get the brown paper off.  If it hadn’t been for my insatiable need to have a look (much like my compulsion to go through my newly developed photos before even leaving the store), I would have left the long drawn-out tearing noises for home.  Anyway, needless to say that my day has been made!
And there’s still that strange dinner-party tonight to look forward to.  A couple of friends are organizing it, but all the guests have to work for their supper.  We were all assigned a combination of strange attributes for a dish we are to bring.  Michael, Maria, and I are to bring a food item that involves the colour pink, the letter "Q", and the ingredient bay leaves.  How the heck do you combine pink and bay leaves?!  We went through quesadillas and "quick-cooking chili" among other ideas before Michael came up with the idea of making pea soup with ham bits in it.  How is the "Q" involved?  We’re calling the dish  "Mind Your P’s and Q’s" (or is it "Peas and Q’s"?) and I think we’ll somehow throw some quarters into the equation to make it really kosher.  (Not that anything with ham is kosher.)  Anyway, it should be an interesting dinner. 
I hear another group got the combination purple, "Z", and melba toast!

3 Responses to “Good things come in brown packages”

  1. Nemmy September 27, 2005 at 7:06 pm #

    What about a pink serving bowl? And where\’s the string that is supposed to go with brown paper packages?

  2. Kat September 28, 2005 at 7:21 am #

    What about taking the "Q\’s" out of some alphabet soup…or maybe you can buy alphabet pasta….Very interesting dinner party. Sounds fun!

  3. Fawn September 28, 2005 at 9:08 am #

    We washed and wrapped quarters in plastic wrap and hid them in squares of homemade brown bread to go with the soup. (I actually wanted to put the quarters in the soup, but Michael wouldn\’t let me!) The ham bits were pink, and the soup recipe includes bay leaves. Maria went all out and made a sign for our dish, as well as a bunch of pink felt and paper flowers with which to embellish the bread squares. She even dressed in pink, which inspired me to do the same. Michael felt that having a pink tongue was enough. 😉

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