Collisions and Accidents

4 Oct

About a month ago, I made a really bad judgement call in making a left turn and almost caused an accident.  Only sheer stupid luck and the other drivers’ reactions kept everyone safe.  Now I’ve never considered myself an above-average driver, so I’m usually fairly conservative in my driving habits.  The good news is, I’ve only ever been in one car accident, and that was when I was rear-ended (so not my fault).  However, this morning, Michael and I witnessed a collision, and I’m feeling sort of "spiritually ruffled", thinking how easily it could happen.

We were approaching an intersection where the light was turning red.  I think what happened was an oncoming SUV was trying to speed through the amber, while a vehicle from our direction was trying to complete a left turn before the light changed.  Neither had enough time.  I’ve never actually witnessed  a collision before, and the sound of the impact was surprisingly dull.  I suppose it must have been deafening from inside, and I realize those spectacular sound effects from the movies are added in, but it just seemed so tame, as a "disinterested" observer.  The passengers from both vehicles rushed out — they were obviously okay — and the driver’s door from the oncoming vehicle was opened by one of the passengers.  A woman sat there, seemingly conscious but stunned, while the air bag deflated in her lap.  Michael and I decided that we would only be in the way if we stopped, especially as the hospital is just down the road, we don’t have a cell phone, and no one seemed seriously injured.

I wondered if the inflating air bag had broken any of the woman’s ribs.  They say that air bags are designed for 6-foot-tall men.  It made me feel very vulnerable, sitting at the steering wheel, thinking that an accident could happen at any time.  In my opinion, Whitehorse drivers are insanely aggressive, as aggressive as you would see in any big city.  I’m not just at the mercy of my own stupid decisions, but someone else’s.  I know it’s not realistic trying to avoid every possible risk there is, but it does make me wish there were free parking at Michael’s office so that I could just hand over the keys — and the responsibility — to him!


2 Responses to “Collisions and Accidents”

  1. Kat October 5, 2005 at 11:24 am #

    Thanks for your feedback Fawn. I guess at some point we all have to be feminists. I read the blog about people mistaking Mike having the job with the government over you. It still shocks me when things like this happen. I have had situations like that as well. I have always made a little more $$ than my partner, but people assume the man brings in more money. After discovering that the man makes less I have had people tease my boyfriend about being a "kept" man. It\’s ridiculous really.There has been more than one occasion where I have put my credit card down at a restaurant to pay and had the server (man and women, didn\’t seem to matter) hand it back to my boyfriend and say thank you Mr. O\’Neill, please leave the white copy. Maybe it\’s me, but I think Kathleen is a distinctively female name. It isn\’t a unisex name like Sean, or Pat, even Shannon was originally a guy’s name, but Kathleen!? Come on now. It\’s not like I made it difficult for them, I did hand them the card! You are correct though; some women perpetuate and use the stereotypes to their advantage, as do men. I actually got into a debate with a guy who said that women expect men to take the bill, and hold doors, and check on a first date if they allow them to order first. Maybe some women do, but I do not. He didn\’t believe me, but it is true. I open doors if I’m first to them. I pay the bill every other time, and if I know what I want first, I ask for it 😉

  2. Fawn October 6, 2005 at 9:31 am #

    I\’ve never even HEARD of checking to see who should order first. My my. I guess I\’m not so old-fashioned, after all.

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