11 Oct
On Saturday night, Michael and I played a quick game of Scrabble.  After the game was over (I won! Ha ha ha!), Michael was looking up "Q" words and found the word "qua" in the Random House dictionary.  It is defined there as an adverb meaning "in the manner of".  I couldn’t imagine how the heck this word is supposed to be used, so this morning I consulted the trusty Merriam-Webster Online to get the following:
Main Entry: qua
Pronunciation: 'kwä also 'kwA
Function: preposition
Etymology: Latin, which way, as, from ablative singular feminine of qui who
: in the capacity or character of : as "confusion of the role of scientist qua scientist with that of scientist as citizen" — Philip Handler
I still don’t know why anyone would ever use "qua" instead of, say, "as" (except perhaps journalists showing off) but it’s a darn good word when you’re stuck with a Q in Scrabble.

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