Turkey Day Weekend

11 Oct

Last weekend Michael and I each did our own thing, him with an overnight hiking trip, and me just staying at home doing chores, but also reading and napping at will.  We both came out of the weekend refreshed, and I felt as though I’d just had a particularly relaxing and productive long weekend.

This past weekend was in a fact a long weekend, and yet Michael and I both felt as if there wasn’t a weekend at all!  We were so busy with social activities (which were lots of fun) that it really wan’t particularly relaxing or productive.  On the bright side, the house looks great, as a dinner party was a great motivator for getting things back into ship-shape!

Michael and I decided only in the middle of last week to actually do Thanksgiving dinner.  This would be the first time for me to cook a turkey in an actual electric oven.  (Last year’s turkey — the first I ever cooked — was done in a log-burning bush stove.)  We invited about 7 people, but 5 of them were out of town, so just Mike and Kim joined us to make it a party of four. 

We enjoyed the evening very much, and despite my mediocre gravy and the broccoli that somehow got burned in the steamer (I so don’t remember turning that element on!) we ended up with a tremendous amount of leftovers.  I had purchased a 14-lb. turkey, not knowing how many people would be attending dinner.  Mike and Kim are vegetarians.  So Michael and I each get about 7 lbs of turkey to ourselves!  (A few bits will go to Crook and Nanuq, of course.)  That’s a lot of turkey!

Mike brought a home-made, baked-from-scratch pumpkin pie to share for dessert, and dinner was followed by a long and rousing game of Munchkin.

Yesterday, it was Mike and Kim’s turn to entertain; Michael and I went to their house for Thanksgiving Monday brunch.  Michael really enjoyed playing with Mike’s kids (ages 6 and 9) while I indulged in the less rambunctious company of the other adults. 

We got a surprise last-minute invitation for another turkey dinner at our next-door neighbour’s house, so as soon as we got back from brunch I got busy making a caesar salad to bring while also cleaning up Sunday night’s cooking mess.  (Thank God for our dishwasher!)  In the meantime, Michael carved a pumpkin; I must say I got a bit short-changed on that deal, but I love the resulting jack-o-lantern so I guess I’ll let it go.

By the time supper was over at the neighbour’s house, it was time to get ready for bed and face the upcoming work-week.  A fun but exhausting long weekend — I think I’m looking forward to next weekend already!


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