Movin’ and Shakin’

12 Oct
That alien creature inside me has been really active over the last few days.  Now that it’s obvious when I’m feeling baby movement rather than digestive rumbles, it’s really sinking in that there is a separate live being in there that does not respond to my brain commands of what body part to move!  It is so bizarre to have these totally random spurts of sensation in my belly — often directed at my bladder, it seems — and strong enough that it’s like my stomach is riding in a car that suddenly lurched around a corner.
I feel like I am moving differently, too.  I need to hem my maternity pants but I haven’t got around to it yet, and in the meantime that means wearing high-heeled footwear to keep said hems from dragging on the ground.  (That would be very professional-looking, especially when coupled with the fact that I constantly need to be pulling up those darn foldover-style pants as they slowly sink way below crotch level every few minutes.)  When I’m wearing heels, I feel like I’m lumbering around, not with my usual pre-pregnancy grace (ha!), but swinging my legs out from the hip rather and almost not bending my knees.  It’s a very strange gait to have.  I wonder if it looks strange?
Also it’s definitely harder to get out of bed these days.  Of course, it doesn’t help that Michael always moves over to snuggle in my lap when my alarm clock goes off; it’s so darn irresistable!

One Response to “Movin’ and Shakin’”

  1. Nemmy October 12, 2005 at 3:30 pm #

    Hahaha, better get used to the "does not respond to my brain commands of what body part to move"… Caity\’s learned possession. And she does not take kindly to people holding on to "her" things or sitting on "her" chairs. Or in anyone else\’s chairs.

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