Newbie on eBay

12 Oct
My Euraka vacuum cleaner has been giving me trouble for at least a year, and about two months ago, it finally decided to give up.  Turning it on actually created a bigger mess than it cleaned.  I’ve unclogged the hose so many times (requires taking the thing apart with a screwdriver), I just wasn’t prepared to do it again.  So out it went on the curb on garbage collection day.  It didn’t stay there long, as my neighbour picked it up, saying he wanted some of the parts.  Well, more power to him!  As far as I’m concerned, the thing is cursed, and I just wanted it out of my house.
For the past couple of months, we’ve been making do by sweeping often and vacuuming about once every 2 weeks.  This means going across the street and meekly asking Cathy if I can borrow her vacuum cleaner, YET AGAIN!
I started researching a couple of vacuum cleaners.  Mike and Melanie have an Electrolux Harmony Canister Vacuum that they adore.  I kid you not, we would go over to their house and they would start waxing poetic on the thing.  I have to admit that it’s darn cute, even if it isn’t at all important for a vacuum cleaner to be cute.  The other one I considered was a Hoover canister vacuum that we could get by redeeming the Save-On-More points we have been collecting by doing our groceries at Overwaitea over the past 4 years.  I had decided to get the Hoover, but it turned out that it was no longer available.
The Harmony vacuum that Mike and Melanie love is sold through Sears . . . for $600!  Now I’ve read reviews on this thing, and it’s supposed to be great, but $600?!  Mike and Melanie didn’t pay that, though.  Nope, they got theirs cheap on eBay.
So I figured I could, too.
I became a first-time buyer on eBay today (I can just hear Norris laughing at how behind the times I am!) and I’m still feeling a little stressed.  It was actually really easy, but I had a hard time deciding whether to get the brand-new still-in-the-orginal-box model, or the never-been-used-but-not-in-the-original-box floor model, or to actually try bidding on one of the items for auction. 
In the end, I decided I’d rather do the "Buy It Now" instead of living with the stress of tracking the item up to the last minute of bidding.  And I also decided, after reviewing the seller’s information (a "power seller" with over 98% positive feedback), that I would chance the floor model to save the $40 USD.  The total price (paid through my new PayPal account) was $242 CDN.  Now that’s a significant cost saving on a $600 vacuum!  Now we’ll see how much the customs people make us pay . . .
One of the most common comments on the seller was that the shipping was very fast.  I realize it may take longer for the vacuum to make it all the way from Philadelphia (I think) to Whitehorse, but I hope I can start sucking up all that pet hair within a couple of weeks.  And then I’ll make another posting to let ya’ll know whether all the stress was worth it.
I just have to add this note.  Electrolux was originally a Scandinavian company (I hear the name has since been sold) and when they first started advertising in America, their slogan was, "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux".  Haha!  I wonder how long it took them to come up with an alternative?

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