So far, so mediocre – First-time eBayer update

14 Oct

Well, the process of registering and buying something on eBay wasn’t so difficult, but my excitement was quickly doused yesterday when I checked my e-mail and found this message from PayPal:

Dear Fawn Fritzen,

<SELLERS NAME> has issued you a full or partial refund for your payment.

Message From Seller:

It didn’t even occur to me that shipping to Whitehorse would be an issue!  Melanie and Mike must have bought their vacuum from a different seller, because they had theirs shipped up to Fort Liard, and that’s even more remote.

It looks like the seller’s willing to send the unit to an alternate address (so that’s great that we might still be able to get it), but I wish they’d e-mailed to ask me about this first.  By issuing me a refund, I lose money because of the currency exchange.  I’m still trying to decide if, after this is all done, I’ll be giving positive or neutral feedback…  Any ideas?


5 Responses to “So far, so mediocre – First-time eBayer update”

  1. Nemmy October 14, 2005 at 8:44 pm #

    I wouldn\’t decide now. Wait until you have it, try it, and see how much you like it. Maybe you\’ll be so tickled that the shipping issue will be but a happy memory… 😀

  2. Norris October 15, 2005 at 6:22 pm #

    As a eBay powerseller in America I probably would have contacted the buyer first before sending you the refund. I assume you purchased from eBay America? Most people in America don\’t understand that you have an exchange rate to deal with when you get your money refunded. It is standard procedure to refund money asap if the seller can\’t procede with the order.We actually refund money automatically to all buyers that don\’t read our auctions carefully and request for shipment to a non confirmed paypal address. We only shipped to confirmed paypal addresses for buyer and seller protection.You should be decide carefully if you will be leaving negative feedback as that directly effects the sales revenue of the seller. If he/she scammed you in anyway, I would not hesitate to leave negative feedback. Negative feedback is not used to get "revenge" on someone. I\’ve had that happen to us on 2 occasions so far. The customers were not happy with a fully packaged product from a reputable manufacturer. They blamed us for the problem (we state we offer a 100% money back guarantee) and left us negative feedback without contacting us. I did indeed leave them negative feedback stating that we offer 100% refunds but the buyer never contacted us.Hope this answers a few questions! Oh, please visit our store if anyone is interested in iPod accessories or military spec\’d throat mics. 😉

  3. Fawn October 16, 2005 at 5:10 pm #

    Thanks, Norris. I don\’t think I want to leave negative feedback – I don\’t think the seller did anything really wrong, I just think it would have been far more courteous and more professional to have contacted me first. I did read the shipping policy before buying, but didn\’t realize that UPS didn\’t do ground shipping to Yukon. If anything, I\’m trying to choose between positive and neutral feedback. What are your thoughts on neutral feedback, Norris?I think things might work out better this way, anyway. Using UPS to ship internationally apparently results in really high brokerage fees for customs. But according to the US Postal Service website, I can have Craig mail the unit to me for about $40 USD, and I understand the customs charges are way lower using the Postal Service.By some luck, we didn\’t lose any money on the exchange. I\’m absolutely flabbergasted by this, but it makes this whole ordeal a lot easier to swallow!Thanks for the tips, Norris!

  4. Norris October 17, 2005 at 8:40 pm #

    I noticed I had many grammar mistakes in my previous post… yes, China is making it worse!Usually positive, negative, and neutral feedback is written due to customer service and the quality of the product being sold (negative if they won\’t accept refunds, and positive if they are willing to accept refunds on items that didn\’t meet expectations). It also depends if the auction stated if they accepted returns or not. If it was me, I would leave them positive feedback but with a neutral comment like "Seller didn\’t contact us and returned money but made it right in the end". As a seller, I NEVER leave feedback for the buyer until they leave feedback for me. That way, I always have the upperhand with feedback. I NEVER leave negative feedback for a difficult customer unless they left me a negative first.Buying on eBay is like signing a contract with someone. If the contract said, "no returns, exchanges, or refunds accepted", but the buyer still want a refund, then the buyer would be wrong and shouldn\’t leave negative feedback to the seller. On the otherhand, if the item was totally inaccurate from the description and the seller still wouldn\’t accept a return, then the buyer can contact paypal and lodge a formal complaint to get their money back and also leave negative feedback. eBay is complicated… ;-)I totally agree that it is a bummer to lose money due to exchange rates. I had the same thing happen to me on numerous occasions from living in America. When you buy something at the store on credit card, your credit card does the money changing automatically for you for that date. Now when you go return the item for a refund, they will also return the money to you with the exchange rate from the new date. Sometimes I was able to gain a buck or two and sometimes I lost a buck or two. This had nothing to do with the retailer. The retailer probably doesn\’t even know that this would be a problem for you.If we all bought in USD and had USD bank accounts, that wouldn\’t be an issue, but since we live in an international society, these things will happen and will continue to happen. I do know that CIBC offers a USD Visa account just for this purpose. You buy in USD and you pay in USD.As Canadians, we have to deal with the exchange hassles since many things are much cheaper in America due to their buying power… ie Walmart.

  5. Norris October 17, 2005 at 8:52 pm #

    Oh! Almost forgot to talk about shipping.International shipping for UPS and Fedex is usally quite expensive. I find it odd that shipping to Canada from America is expensive because we are right beside a whole bunch of their states. It\’s not like they HAVE to fly it to us (unless you live up north).UPS and Fedex (if you are a bulk shipper and have an account with them) is actually quite cheap domestically (within America). For instance, if I wanted to ship UPS from California to New York, it would be less than $7USD (small package) for ground shipping which would only take several days. The same thing to Canada would cost approximately $12-15USD. If the seller didn\’t have an account with them, your cost might be another 50% more.USPS is almost the same thing but a little cheaper. My guess is that if Craig is going to ship USPS ground for you, it would probably take 2-3 weeks to get to you.

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