Expanding pelvis?

21 Oct
By early this afternoon, my lower back was feeling pretty achy.  In fact, my whole pelvis was feeling achy.  At first I thought it was because of the uncomfortable chairs at the conference, but now I’m thinking it might be that "relaxin" hormone kicking in.  This is a hormone that causes one’s joints to loosen, the idea being to allow the hips to widen.  Of course, all the other joints in the body can be affected too; I understand some women’s feet expand permanently during pregnancy.  (I can’t even imagine trying to replace my entire shoe wardrobe — *shudder*!)
Anyway, it’s more uncomfortable than really painful, and I can’t complain, since this baby’s been so very easy on me so far.  Also, it might be a good excuse to spend some time on the couch…!

One Response to “Expanding pelvis?”

  1. Marian October 22, 2005 at 6:36 am #

    Take it easy – look after yourself (and baby Fritzen Pealow)

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