Snow Day and eBay

21 Oct
Snow Day
Today was Day 2 of the Yukon IT Conference.  It was actually pretty good, with some great speakers (and some snoringly dull ones) and some great extra touches, like boxes of tissue on each table, a detail that was greatly appreciated by me.  I’m glad it’s back to regular work on Monday, though.  Time sure is slow when a speaker has no presentation charisma…
When I got up this morning, I fed the pets and let Nanuq out of his kennel.  I opened the front door to let him out and I remarked to Michael, "It’s frosty outside."  A peek out the front window confirmed that everything was slightly glowing — this wasn’t frost but actual snow!  Thank goodness our carport finally got cleaned out enough that we can actually park the car under it now.  (It was full of empty moving boxes and the movers took forever to come and collect them.)  Even still, half the car had snow on it, but it was wet, melting stuff that required no effort to remove.  Only one or two centimetres fell, but it was enough to "light" our path through the forest as we walked Nanuq after breakfast; it’s so much easier to follow a white trail in the half-light of the morning than it is to follow a muddy black one.  Michael walked with an extra spring in his step.
By the time the conference was over this afternoon, almost all the snow was gone again.  (One of the few places it remained was in our driveway, perhaps because it is made of white gravel.)  It won’t be long now until we get the real snow that stays all winter.  And then Michael will be able to try out the cross-country ski equipment he bought last weekend.  For my part, I’m thinking maybe I should wait until I’m back to my graceful self again…

I still haven’t actually purchased that vacuum cleaner yet.  When I finally found out from the seller on Monday that I could have it shipped to Craig, and also that I would have to redo the transaction from scratch, I found that the floor model I wanted ($30 cheaper than the new model) had been sold.  So I committed to buying a new model, but I e-mailed the seller and asked for a discount.  Because he should have e-mailed me before issuing a refund (it was the refund that caused the transaction to be cancelled) and it took several days for him to address the shipping/re-buying issue, I lost out on the product I really wanted.  So I figured a discount (even just $10 or $15) was not unjustified.
There were a lot of messages back and forth, and I don’t think he understands yet that I redid the transaction with a "new" model, but anyway, he ended up telling me he still had the floor model for me… for $179.99.  Typo?  I don’t know, but I just went ahead and paid for the newer model, adding a $26.99 discount.  I should have actually added a $30 discount (to make it the same price as the floor model I presume he’ll be sending me), but eBay would only let me discount the shipping and insurance amount.  So I’ve now "overpaid" by $3.  I guess I can swallow that, even if it is in USD!  So now we’ll see how he responds.  I wonder if he even realizes that one of his "new" vacuum sales is by me.  He must be so sick of dealing with me by now!  It would have been so much easier to phone him, but I figured a long-distance call to the US in the daytime would cost me more than I would save.
And so the saga continues…

2 Responses to “Snow Day and eBay”

  1. Marian October 22, 2005 at 6:34 am #

    Good luck with the vacuum – it will have its own shrine by the time it arrives. You may never want to use it!I enjoyed X-country skiing when I was pregnant – not on any hills of course, but I don\’t like them anyway! Of course Michael is like his Dad and probably wants more adventure when he\’s on his skis.It looks like we may have some snow tomorrow. Can\’t say I\’m as enthusiastic as Michael. I\’m enjoying the crisp fall days though – finally no bugs!

  2. Fawn October 22, 2005 at 5:33 pm #

    The thing about me trying to cross-country ski is that the only experience I have with it was the one time I tried it (and hated it) when I was about 8 years old. The skis I was using then hadn\’t been waxed and I ended up hauling around several inches of snow on the the bottoms of them; needless to say, it wasn\’t much fun. So I\’m just now over it enough to think it might actually be fun if I try it with some working equipment. But taking on a new sport with my shifting centre of gravity . . . I guess I\’m just wondering if that\’s too ambitious.As for the vacuum cleaner, I CAN\’T WAIT TO GET IT! You\’d think the pets would be shedding less hair with the colder weather . . .

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