The amauti works!

1 Nov
On Sunday, Caroline came visiting with her 8-month-old daughter Cambria.  We met her around a month ago at a neighbourhood music jam.  She’s a French horn player, but also happened to have a trumpet languishing in a corner somewhere, so she brought it over as a loaner to Michael.  (He really hates the cheap one he has.)
We had a fairly short visit, during which I was busy making a Caesar salad for the belated-Thanksgiving potluck we were attending that night.  Cambria gurgled happily on Caroline’s lap the whole time, a poster child for why people have babies.  Caroline offered us the use of an extra stroller she has (I just might have to take her up on that!) which prompted a discussion of baby-carrying in general and the amauti in particular.
I can’t remember who’s brainwave it was, but we decided to get it out and put Cambria in to give it a try.  It worked wonderfully, and Cambria seemed very tickled about being in the hood.  Caroline offered to let me practice getting the baby in and out of the hood, but I felt too nervous about potential injuries (to Cambria, not to me!) to try it.  Anyway, it was a very successful test; I could feel how the garment distributed the baby’s weight evenly across my shoulders, and I also got a sense of how warm it would be with a baby toasting my back.  I’m really looking forward to using the amauti in February!

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