On Course

3 Nov
You may not be hearing from me for about a week, unless I get really keen and hop online this weekend.  (That definitely won’t happen if my connection at home continues to be so slow – it’s only 14.4 kbps right now!) 
Today I was in a SAS course for which I have been waiting months to get.  Yay!  A lot of it was pretty basic today, but it’s great to get the foundational understanding of what I’m actually doing at work!
Anyway, the course continues tomorrow, and the next course takes place from Monday to Wednesday next week.  Technically, I’m at a computer, so I suppose I could do some blogging, but I have a feeling the pace is going to pick up, so I don’t expect to have a lot of free time in class.
By the way, for anyone who was worried about me, I’m feeling much better today, thanks!  Some days, the troubles in your life just seem to carry you away, don’t they?  Hmm, maybe that’s just me…
Oh, yes, I almost forgot!  I got a great phone message today.  I checked them while on a break in my course and found out that I won a draw for that I entered during "library week".  The prize is a $25 gift certificate at a local bookstore, where, it just so happens, Michael was eyeing a $30 book just the other day.  That was enough to cheer us both up!

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