Ski Weather

7 Nov
It’s been snowing pretty steadily in Whitehorse; Michael’s already shovelled our driveway twice.  The good thing about it is that it takes him only about 10 minutes to do, as opposed to the hours he had to spend doing the two much longer driveways at our house in Fort Liard.  Yesterday he shovelled while I prepared breakfast: whole-wheat pancakes with berry sauce and topped off with hot chocolate.  Okay, so it was a bit on the sugar-fest side for breakfast, but at least it was whole grains and fruit!
The nice breakfast inspired us to try out the second-hand cross-country ski equipment we bought a few weeks ago.  Actually, Michael had already tried his skis on Saturday; I refused to go because I figured they needed SOME kind of maintenance done first, and I wasn’t ready to relive my one and only horrible experience with cross-country skiing.  (I can’t remember if I mentioned it in a previous entry, but when I was 8 or 9, my dad took me out and I was using my mom’s skis, which hadn’t been waxed or something.  Whatever was wrong, I accumulated several inches of snow on the bottom of the skis, which made for a tiring, non-sliding and heavy experience that it has taken me almost 20 years to recover from.)
Michael’s Saturday ski was relatively successful; although he felt he couldn’t remember which muscles to move, the skis did in fact slide over the snow rather than picking it up.  So I felt I’d chance it with mine, too.
I bundled up (Michael’s long underwear fits me; that pocket thing they put in for the guy’s crotch seems to leave enough room for my belly – haha!) and we headed out in fine weather.  I didn’t go as far as Michael and Nanuq did (Nanuq, of course, did not ski) but I moved along at a respectable pace and managed not to fall.  My only difficulty was in getting up a small hill on the way home.  The rise was probably less than two metres, and I tried walking up with the skis splayed out, but on my first attempt my arches got tired so I stopped for a rest and ended up sliding back down backwards.
I could probably benefit from a demonstration from someone who really knows what they’re doing, but it was a fun start.  Still, I probably won’t do a whole lot of cross-country skiing until I "shed" those extra pounds I’m carrying, as I hear they change my centre of gravity . . . *chuckle*

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