Another Doctor’s Visit

10 Nov
Michael and I spent most of the morning at the hospital; I went in to do a glucose test, which involves drinking a hyper-sweet orange-flavoured beverage and having my blood taken an hour later.  The excitement was having to run back and forth from the lab to the prenatal clinic, first because the lab didn’t have a requisition form for me, then because the wrong test had been checked off and the lab said I couldn’t have the test done because I should have been fasting, and finally because the admin person realized she’d checked off the the wrong test!  Thank goodness the clinic is at the hospital!
I’ve heard lots of bad things about the flavour of the drink, but it didn’t bother me (though I certainly wouldn’t choose to have it with a meal) and the only problem I had was that I got really hungry at 10:00 when I usually have my mid-morning snack. 
While I was waiting for the sugar to get into my system, I had a checkup with Dr. Ikeji.  I now weigh 172.5 (3 lb. gain from last time, for a total of 19.5 lbs.) and the baby’s heart rate was about 158 bpm.  I’m still measuring on the small side, but the doctor thought there wasn’t any reason why the baby shouldn’t be doing just fine.  Still, to be on the safe side, she thinks I should have an "interval ultrasound" later on in the pregnancy, which I think she said means having an ultrasound done, with another follow-up one two weeks later.  (The checkup today was a little rushed, so I didn’t get a chance to clarify that.)  I’m just excited that we’ll get to have another peek!  I’m not very worried about measuring small; the doctor figures the bottom part of my uterus might just be hiding behind a bone where she can’t reach with her tape measure!
After the checkup, we eventually made our way back to the hospital lab so that someone could take my blood.  And now I have to run to my next meeting.  It’s going to be a busy day…

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