Where did the weekend go?

13 Nov
Long weekends really ought to be productive, don’t you think?  If not productive in terms of actual work completed, it should at least be relaxing.  I have to admit to being pretty lazy on Friday.  But there’s nothing like that nagging feeling of "I should be getting stuff done" to spoil a lazy weekend.
I finally managed to kick myself into gear today, and so far I’ve cleaned both bathrooms and done the laundry, though I’ll still need to do the folding (my least favourite chore).  I also intend to clean the kitchen (drowning in papers), glue together some things that broke in the move (or since then), finish up my contract work, and do up invitations for the birthday pot-luck we’re holding next Saturday.  It’s already quarter to 5:00, so I’m sure something or other is going to fall by the wayside. 
An unplanned but good activity today was an hour-long walk with two neighbours and their dogs: Nanuq had a grand time playing with with them.  It hasn’t stopped snowing for pretty much the last two weeks, but the snow is coming in huge and fluffy blobs (easy to shovel) and the weather’s been very mild; we’re enjoying the effect of the fluffy stuff clinging to the naked branches of cranberry and rosebushes, and the dogs really enjoyed romping through it.
Well, this isn’t much of an exciting update, but that seems to be the way of the weekend.  It seems like there’s something important to say or do, but then it never actually gets done (or said).  I’m sure I had something much more exciting in mind when I started this posting…  Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.

One Response to “Where did the weekend go?”

  1. Nemmy November 14, 2005 at 5:22 am #

    Hmm… long weekend on Remembrance Day… I remember those… 😉

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