Royal Bank Sucks

22 Nov
A couple of months ago, I had to pay Mary in Pond Inlet for the amauti she made me.  Instead of mailing her a cheque, which she would then be obliged to either send out of Pond Inlet or cash at a store, I simply got her bank account number and went to the Royal Bank to deposit the money.  I thought nothing of this, as we do this all the time with TD Canada Trust.
Today I wanted to deposit a cheque for my friend Craig, who kindly received the vacuum cleaner I bought from eBay and mailed it on to me.  (The vacuum cleaner works GREAT, by the way.  Michael’s actually used it a lot more than I have, but he’s happy with it.)  Anyway, I walked to the bank today (Royal again – why, oh why, do people use Royal?!) and was told that because I don’t have an account at Royal they don’t have guaranteed funds and so they couldn’t take the cheque, especially since my cheques are from an out-of-town (ie Ottawa) bank.  I told them to put a hold on it, for goodness sakes.  The teller went to ask someone about this, and came back saying she couldn’t do it, especially since Craig’s account isn’t in Whitehorse.  Good Lord!  Is it so difficult to find out if there are funds available for a cheque?  Especially for a lousy $50?!  The cheque I wrote to Mary was for quite a bit more than that.
I bet that if I went back to the bank tomorrow and asked to do the same thing, they’d let me.  But I sure as hell am not walking all the way to that sorry branch again.
Craig, I’ll mail you your cheque. All I have to say is you should be with TD Canada Trust instead.

4 Responses to “Royal Bank Sucks”

  1. J. Craig November 23, 2005 at 6:15 am #

    TD\’s alright,Bank of Nova Scotia sucks.I\’ve been pleased with the Royal. Started using them in college. Have never had a major problem.

  2. Nemmy November 23, 2005 at 12:11 pm #

    I started out with Royal until the user fees got too high. Then I switched to TD because they waived the user fees when my balance was a certain level. Then they merged with Canada Trust and the fees went through the roof (not that I\’m blaming Canada Trust, because I do like the extended office hours). Bottom line: stick with the one that you feel screws you over the least. 😛 (My I AM cynical today)

  3. Norris November 29, 2005 at 2:50 am #

    I agree with Craig. Scotia sucks the big one. I refuse to bank with them… too many horror stories from first year at Carleton U.I don\’t bank with Royal either as they screwed with me when I was in highschool. They took my ATM card away cause my friend took my card and tried a few codes that didn\’t work (for a joke). I then told Royal Bank that I was locked out of my account and they then took my card away after telling them why. This was back in 1989 btw…I\’m also not a big fan of Bank of Montreal cause they refused to up my CC limit on the student credit card (limit was 500 if I remember correctly). Kind of stupid at the time as I was working full time in my 2nd year of univ. and CIBC already gave me a Aerogold cardI therefore deal with CIBC\’s Imperial Service when I\’m in Canada. Service is awesome and I can deal with the same person everytime if I\’m at my branch.Michael told me to switch to TD Canada Trust to try them out this last summer. They were offering the iPod Shuffle for switching accounts, so I thought about trying that. I went in to the branch and applied but then I was told I needed to do "this and that" to get the iPod. I gave up… I still have the forms I\’m supposed to mail in to my other banks, etc… screw em… I\’m sticking with CIBC.I won\’t even talk about the banks in China…. they ALL suck ass… the foreign banks in China are a bit better but due to the communist limitations on foreign banks, they are hard to deal with sometimes too… but that\’s another story.

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