Doctor’s Appointment Number ?

24 Nov
Now that I’m in my third trimester, regular doctor’s appointments are scheduled two weeks apart, so I had another one today.  There was a new doctor there today, a Dr. Lee who is helping out at the clinic while he’s "in training" (his words); he’s from Calgary and in the Yukon for only two months.  Darn!  We could use more doctors up here!
First things first, my weight was 174 lbs (a 1.5 lb gain from last time, for a total of 21 lbs.) and my blood pressure was normal.  I also found out that the glucose test I did a couple of weeks ago came back normal.
I mentioned to Dr. Lee that Dr. Ikeji had talked about sending me for another ultrasound if my fundal height continued to measure on the small side.  Dr. Lee said sometimes it can measure small if the baby is lying in a transverse position (side to side instead of up and down).  This seems plausible to me, since I seem to get kicked  in the sides a lot.  He tried to determine the baby’s position but couldn’t — I guess there’s still too much room to move around in there!  However, when he measured the fundal height, he got 30cm, which is right on where it should be for 30 weeks.  So it seems I’ve caught up!
Next the Doppler came out and we listened for the baby’s heartbeat.  It was 170bpm, which Dr. Lee thought was on the high side (the normal range being 120 to 160.)  He said he wouldn’t worry too much about it, but then went out and got Dr. Ikeji.  They took my heart rate, which was around 100-110bpm, also on the high side.  I know for a fact, though, that my normal heart rate tends to be quite high.  Last year when I did my First Aid certification, everyone took their own pulse, and yup, mine was up there.  Dr. Ikeji asked if I’d had coffee or Pepsi; I think she would have liked to hear me say yes to explain the fast heart rates, but all I’d had today was milk and water along with my breakfast.  So now they want me to go back in a week to check the baby’s heart rate again.  If it’s still high, then they’ll have me do a test where I lie quietly for half an hour with a heart rate monitor strapped around my belly to chart the baby’s heart rate.  No one’s panicking yet, though.  I don’t mind the extra appointments; it makes me feel safer because the doctor’s taking things seriously.
Michael and I went to see a play last night (Arsenic and Old Lace, a comedy that was made into a film back in the 40’s) and the baby kicked like crazy.  Michael had his hand on my belly during part of the show, and he actually felt another kick, so that makes a total of four for him.  It seems to me there’s a healthy amount of movement in there, so we’ll just see what happens at the doctor’s next week.

2 Responses to “Doctor’s Appointment Number ?”

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