Busy Weekend

28 Nov
There was lots to get done this weekend, and I got only about halfway there.  But the rest of the time was spent on very useful relaxation, so I’ve decided it’s okay for some of the things on my "to do" list to remain unchecked until I can get to them.
Michael and I had what turned out to be a "date day" on Saturday.  After sleeping in late and having crepes with berry sauce and maple syrup for breakfast, we headed out to the Takhini Hotsprings, about 30 minutes from our house.  We spent a very relaxing couple of hours there (in which I did not get overheated, so don’t worry!) and in which I followed my massage therapist’s advice for letting my spine decompress.  We then indulged and split an order of fish and chips from the hot springs kitchen; oh my, the joy of salty french fries sprinkled with vinegar!  After getting home and getting a little bit done on our to do lists, we took the gift certificates Michael won in one of his pumpkin carving competitions and went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  After paying for the tickets, there was even enough left over to buy some popcorn!  The theatre was packed, but I enjoyed that, as I find it’s part of the atmosphere of going to a "blockbuster" movie.
Sunday was almost entirely taken up with baking.  I have been invited to a "Cookie Exchange" on Friday, so I have to bring 5 dozen cookies (or other goodies) to distribute among the five other participants.  I decided to make candy-cane-shaped shortbread cookies, since they’re always popular, being so festive-looking.  It’s been a few years since I did my Christmas cookie extravaganza, though, and I’d forgotten how much work they are to make.  I was in the kitchen for quite a few hours, but on the bright side my doubled recipe made 62 cookies: exactly 5 dozen with 2 left over for Michael and me to sample!
When I wasn’t baking, I was doing laundry to ensure Michael would have enough clean underwear for his trip to Nahanni Butte this week.  He left this afternoon and won’t be back until Friday.  I know he’s really looking forward to getting back out into that community, but I sure will miss him!  Well, at least it’s just during the work week, so I’ll be busy at my office, and he’ll be back in time to help with next week’s mess of laundry…!

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