This is the time of year…

29 Nov
…that I hate having to wear glasses!  I haven’t had to wear glasses in the winter for years, being a true contact lens junkie.  However, I pretty much ran out of my daily-wear lenses a while ago, and I was waiting for my group benefits to kick in before ordering more.  (My co-workers don’t even remember that I didn’t wear glasses when I first started my job — funny how you get used to things.)
I haven’t walked Nanuq for almost a week because of the icy conditions, but this morning there was no choice, with Michael in Nahanni Butte.  I’ve actually missed my morning walks, but it was just far too dangerous out there.  If even Nanuq has to walk carefully, it’s gotta be pretty darn icy.
I put on my big Sorels (rated to -60 or so) for extra traction and headed out.  I always find first few minutes in the cold are the worst ones, as my face cools off; it’s like the first plunge into a cold pool.  I was avoiding breathing into my scarf, as my glasses would then have fogged up, blinding me on the icy path.  It snowed lightly yesterday, which actually helped with traction this morning, so I managed to do my walk using the patented Ice Walk Shuffle.  I do admit to cutting the route short, and a loop that normally would have taken 10 minutes ended up taking 30.  Still, I managed not to fall, and Nanuq and I both got some good exercise.
I think I’ll head over to the Optometrist’s Building at lunchtime and order some contact lenses so that I can start burying my face in my scarf as the weather gets colder.  Then I’ll be able to take that plunge into the cold a little bit faster.

2 Responses to “This is the time of year…”

  1. Marian November 29, 2005 at 2:21 pm #

    Don\’t you hate it when your glasses fog up after being out in the cold? I\’ve been having trouble with my new lenses and have been wearing glasses more. Laser surgery would be great, but unfortunately I don\’t qualify. Don\’t know what I\’ll do when I won\’t be able to wear lenses any more. Suffer, I guess.

  2. Fawn November 29, 2005 at 4:02 pm #

    Yes, that\’s exactly what I hate! Laser surgery has always scared me, but now I know so many people for whom it has gone well, it\’s starting to sound better and better. I wonder if I can get it done or if I, like you, wouldn\’t qualify. Oh well, even if I do, I sure don\’t see us spending any money on that for now! I\’ll just have to wait for those contact lenses to come in to see me through the rest of this winter.

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