Caribou and Crib

1 Dec
Yesterday I got an e-mail from Sears saying that my order had come in; I’m so impressed that it actually arrived on the date they said it would arrive.  Anyway, the order was the baby’s crib, which Nemmy, my folks, and Michael’s folks all pitched in to buy for us.  THANK YOU!!!  I knew the box would be big and heavy, but it was even bigger and heavier than I had anticipated.  I got the Sears guys to load it into the car (and it took up the whole back of the vehicle, with  the seats lowered — Michael, don’t you dare say, "I told you so"!).
When I got home, I had just started puttering in the kitchen, trying to tidy it up as I decided what to do for my dinner, when the phone rang.  Joanne and Michael next door were calling to invite me to share their caribou stew and freshly baked bread.  I jumped at the chance to get some caribou and also avoid cooking.  Then after they fed me, I shamelessly asked Michael to come over to help move the crib from the car to the house.  (As you see, I’m not afraid to ask for help — haha!)  We got Tom from across the street to come, too, and even with two strong guys, it was a bit of a struggle getting it in.  I’m so lucky to have such awesome neighbours!
I was going to just leave the crib in its box until Michael gets home on Friday; after all, I had some cooking projects I still wanted to get to.  It was just too exciting, though, so I opened up the box.  I was partway through the "pre-assembly" when Michael phoned from Nahanni Butte.  When I told him the crib had arrived, he asked me if I’d already put it together — he really wants to do it!  So I just finished the boring part of putting all the hardware on, and we’ll do the fun part together when he gets home.  (It really needs two people to do properly, anyway.)

2 Responses to “Caribou and Crib”

  1. Nemmy December 1, 2005 at 11:14 am #

    Hurrah! Post some pictures when it\’s put together. 🙂

  2. Marian December 1, 2005 at 7:06 pm #

    That\’s a great idea Nem. I\’m looking forward to seeing it – of course I\’m looking even more forward to the little one whose bed it will be!

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