Another busy weekend

5 Dec
Well, I still haven’t got the plastic up on our windows, but it was a pretty productive weekend.  I had some outstanding cooking projects that I wanted to get done, and our chest freezer is now about half full, which is great!  For the freezer I made butternut squash soup, a batch of banana-berry muffins, and then Michael helped me finish the potstickers.  I couldn’t believe how fast it went with him helping!  I would have been at it for at least 4 hours if I’d had to do it by myself.  As it was, it took only about 2 1/2 hours to turn out around a hundred of them, and Michael’s getting to be such an expert that I could barely keep up in rolling out the skins.
I had a couple of duck eggs in the fridge (it’s a long story, how I got them) and my mom suggested cooking them up using her "smoked Peiping chicken" recipe.  That’s what I did, and they were delicious, although the smoking was much more successful than I had planned.  The problem with central heating is that any smells emanating from the kitchen get distributed all over the house.  So my clothes now all smell smokey; while delicious, it doesn’t seem to be a particularly professional scent to wear to work.  Next time, I’ll see if I can do the smoking part on the barbecue.
I spent part of Saturday learning "Santa Baby" to sing at my work Christmas party in a couple of weeks — what a fun song!  Let’s see if the folks let me get away with singing about what a good girl I’ve been all year while staring at my 8-month-preggo belly! 
Michael was also "musicking" this weekend.  He took part in a Christmas concert on Sunday, leading a Christmas carol sing-along with his trumpet.  There was quite a bit of confusion in getting the music in the proper key (since he was playing with a small string orchestra, and their instruments are tuned differently from a trumpet) but everyone managed to get coordinated in the end.  The French Horn player wasn’t givern her music in the right key, either, but she just went ahead and improvised, which was pretty impressive!  We’re going to her place tonight for some more jamming… fun!
Oh yes, the other thing we did was we finished assembling the crib, and we even attached the "Ocean Wonders" toy we got as a thank you gift from Dennis and Hillarie (the ones who lived with us for a week while their house was being completed).  It amazes me what a large bed it is for such a small person, but I’m sure s/he’ll be using the space for exploring when s/he starts getting a bit mobile.  Lindsay said Alex would use her legs to push herself all over her crib, even before she learned to turn over by herself.  We haven’t photographed the crib yet — it looks a bit incomplete right now, without a mattress or any bedding on it, but that can soon be fixed.

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