Rib ticklin’ fun

12 Dec
I just had to add that when I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt as though the baby had somehow gained several pounds overnight.  Oof!  Even harder to get out of bed than usual.  I didn’t feel a lot of kicking — it was as though the baby’s run out of room and can’t actually move a leg back to get a swing into it.  Instead, I’ve had a lot of sliding (and you can actually see a lump move across my belly) and stretching.  I seemed to have a little foot permanently wedged into my ribs all weekend, and every once in a while it would thump me, making me catch my breath.
Last night I tried sleeping in a semi-reclined position because sleeping on my side now seems to cause all my limbs to fall asleep, which, ironically, wakes me up. My friend Melanie is also pregnant, and her fiance says that with her pillows tucked all around her, it’s like having the Great Wall of China in bed.  Now instead of a Great Wall in our bed, I’ve got a Mount Everest.  Mount Everest does seem better on my limbs, though; I guess that’s where the analogy breaks down!

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