Prenatal Class #3 and . . . *shriek*!

14 Dec
Last night Michael and I attended our third prenatal class, and it was both informative and enjoyable, as usual.  This class was particularly exciting, though, because in the second half we made our way to the hospital and got a tour of the maternity ward.  There was a woman in one of the rooms — we only knew because we were told this before-hand, we didn’t hear any screaming or anything — but since there are eight rooms, we didn’t have any trouble getting in to see one.  Part-way through a demonstration of the bed, we heard the lusty cry of a newborn.  A ripple of excitement passed through the class.  Soon we’ll be each hearing that same sound from the little person we get to take home to care for and love!
The bed demonstration was quite fun, as the instructor got one of the men to show us the various ways in which the bed could be used to manipulated for different labour and delivery positions.  Pictures of that are in the new album called "Prenatal Class".
Now for the shrieking part….  I am horrified to report that I have developed some stretch marks.  Augh!  Actually, I had some before I ever got pregnant, and they never really bothered me.  But I’ve gone through this pregnancy pretty much unmarked until now, so it seems sad somehow that my body is succumbing to the pressure.  My (self-)diagnosis of why I’m getting them now is that there seems to be a huge amount of growth in my belly lately, along with the fact that I can’t seem to drink enough water these days.  Even drinking about 2L a day, I’m still slightly dehydrated; I don’t know if it’s my body using more water for baby-making or if it’s the dry climate sucking the moisture out of me.
In other belly news, my belly button can probably no longer be considered an "innie", although it’s not an "outie" yet, either.  It’s more like a differently-coloured spot than a belly button.  For some reason, this always seems to make Michael giddy.
I was told yet again today how I look pretty small considering my due date is only a month and a half away.  That doesn’t bother me, but I just can’t understand it.  I feel HUGE!  It must always seem bigger to the wearer than to the observer, I guess, but I just can’t look down at my belly and think, "Gosh, that’s small!"

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