At the doctor’s

15 Dec
I had another regular checkup at the doctor’s office this morning.  This time it was another doctor I hadn’t met before; he recently moved to Whitehorse from Inuvik and helps out at all the clinics in town.  He was very warm and friendly and took the time to explain things and just chat — that seems to be a rarity today, when doctor’s are so busy and overworked!
I weighed in at 178 lbs., a gain of 3.5 lbs. from two weeks ago (and a total of 25 lbs. so far).  That’s a little more than I wanted to see, but it certainly didn’t have the doctor concerned.  The sugar level in my urine was a bit high today, so he asked me a few questions about that, but I haven’t had any dizziness or numbness or swelling in my hands and feet (except at night!) and my glucose test from a few weeks ago was very good, so he wasn’t worried about that, either.  Last night and this morning I had tea with honey in it, so that might be the cause.  I forgot, though, how thirsty I’ve been lately; maybe I should call the doctor’s office again and mention it, just in case that means something.
Otherwise, things looked good.  When the doctor measured my belly, he got a slightly smaller measurement than what Dr. Lee got (more in line with the measurements Dr. Ikeji had taken before), so I guess I was right in guessing that the doctors do their measurements differently.  Still, measuring slightly on the small side is not a big concern.  The doctor noted that the only way the baby can grow now is out, since the top of my uterus is sitting pretty much at the bottom of my ribs.  Goodness!  I hope there’s not too much more growing happening!  I may very well outgrow some of my maternity pants!
The baby’s heart rate was between 151 and 155 bpm today, which is within the normal range.  The doctor also palpatated my belly to determine which way the baby was lying.  He confirmed what Michael and I had already guessed: s/he’s head down, though slightly transverse, with his/her legs up by my right ribs and his/her head down by my left hip.  The doctor said that as long as the baby’s pointing pretty much down, they’re happy, since babies don’t tend to do a lot of flipping around at this point.  S/he still has a few weeks to turn right upside down!

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