Santa Baby

16 Dec
Yesterday was the departmental Christmas party at my office.  It was a potluck affair and started at noon, but went well past the usual lunch hour.  There was lots of great food and some silly games, but the highlight for me was my two-minute performance. 
When the party was first announced, I had contacted a colleague who is a fantastic guitar player and recruited him to do some Christmas carols with me.  He really didn’t want to perform, though, so I agreed that we could lead a sing-along session.  I even got together with him earlier in the week to practice at his office.  Yesterday, when I arrived at the potluck, his supervisor pulled me aside and told me that he had put his back out and had had to stay home!
I felt bad for Derek, but I also felt kind of bad for myself, since I really didn’t want to lead a sing-along with no musical accompaniment.  So I went to Plan B.  Before Derek had made it clear that he didn’t want to perform, I had purchased "Santa Baby" from and had completely fallen in love with the song.  It’s fun and cute and I love singing it.  I spent some time recording it on the electric piano (despite the failing C key, it turned out alright) and had put it on a CD.  I’d brought it along, even though I didn’t think I’d actually use it.  Thank goodness I did, because that’s what I ended up doing instead of the sing-along!
The first few lines go like this:
                 "Santa Baby, just slip a sable under the tree for me
                  Been an awful good girl, Santa Baby
                  So hurry down the chimney tonight"
I figured I might as well make the most of things, so when I sang the line about being a good girl I rubbed my big round belly and winked and broke everyone up.
There were a couple of hiccoughs in the performance (I sort of forgot one line and the music paused at one point because it was playing on a computer CD player and must’ve gotten overloaded) but nobody cared.  I got a lot of compliments, which is always a nice ego booster, but best of all, we all had fun!

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