I guess I’m officially starting the “nesting” stage…

23 Dec
Michael and I hit the Salvation Army last night after work because he’d seen cloth diapers there when he’d stopped in with a colleague who was looking for a child-size snow suit.  I picked up a few doublers (extra layers for getting baby through the night without soaking the bed) to use with the cloth diapers my dear friend Sara sent after her son outgrew them.  I also got a few "burp cloths", which I’m told you can never have enough of, and some larger-size cloth diapers to try after baby outgrows the little ones from Sara.
Earlier in the week I ordered a changing pad (to put on the dresser we have yet to find), a car seat, a crib mattress, some basic crib linens, and a nursing pillow.  And I got my mom’s Christmas package yesterday, which had a few presents for us, some German Christmas goodies, and a HUGE pile of stuff for the baby! 
Now we just need to find a dresser (the Boxing Day sale at The Brick is looking promising), figure out what kind of laundry detergent to use on all the baby stuff, find a baby monitor, get flushable liners for the diapers, get my hospital bag packed . . . Well, I was feeling like we were almost ready!

2 Responses to “I guess I’m officially starting the “nesting” stage…”

  1. Unknown December 24, 2005 at 1:01 pm #

    It sounds like you are doing well getting everything ready! The nursing pillow was probably your best purchase so far, you will get far more use out of that than anything else! I had one for Caity, but I will need to get another one for this baby, the one from Caity has been smushed from too much use! As far as the dresser goes, just don\’t get one from Ikea, a girlfriend did that and complained it was falling apart before it was a year old!Anyways, I just wanted to wish you two a merry Christmas from St. Catharines.Jamie (Mike\’s Sister)

  2. Fawn December 28, 2005 at 10:19 am #

    Thanks for visiting, Jamie, and for the reassurance! I feel that time is really getting short now. We still haven\’t found a dresser, but we did end up getting a new washer and dryer at The Brick\’s Boxing Day sale. We\’re still scouring the Classifieds, and we\’ll be sure to watch out for those Ikea ones. ;)Hey, I guess you\’re soon to be sort of a sister-in-law to me. It\’s so exciting!

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