Belly distortions

28 Dec
I just have to add that the baby is making my belly feel very strange today.  S/he seems to prefer being on my right side — that’s where I keep getting kicked in the ribs.  Today, the munchkin’s whole body seems to be squished to that side.  The right side of my belly is rock hard and vibrates every once in a while with jabs, pokes, kicks, and rolls.  The left side of my belly is all squishy.  It’s very weird.  I wonder how the baby feels when I push back?
I can’t forget to mention the hiccoughs!  I think I’ve felt them twice now, the last time being on Friday night.  They felt like an involuntary muscle tic (like sometimes happens to my eye), but in a place I don’t think I even have any muscles to twitch!  They were very gentle and I think I could feel them with my hand, but Michael couldn’t.  Oh well, in 3 to 7 weeks, he’ll be able to see them for himself!
Our friend Hugh said he was glad he would never have to go through pregnancy.  Michael told him when his turn comes, he’ll be jealous.  (Awww!)  For my part, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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