I’d rather be…

28 Dec
Well, here we are back at work again.  It’s a short week, but I’m having a hard time getting motivated because there’s hardly anyone here and I keep thinking I could have gotten so much done at home if I had taken these three days off!  Of course, if I had done that, I’m sure I would have gotten absolutely nothing done at all.
As usual, Michael is intent on watching all of his Smallville IV episodes in as short a time as possible!  Although it’s great that the gift is appreciated, and although I, too, love the show, I can’t stomach 5 episodes in one sitting; that’s just too much television!  Because I grew up with such restricted TV-viewing privileges, I find myself looking at too much time in front of the TV as time well and truly wasted.  I seriously feel kind of "dirty" and disgusted if I spend too much time in front of the boob tube.  I even find myself unconsciously making judgements that watching a lot of TV means a person is not too intelligent.  I keep trying to remind myself that Michael can stomach a lot more TV than I can, and he’s just as smart as I am!
On the other hand, studies have shown that your brain activity and metabolic rate are lower when watching TV than when you’re sleeping or even just sitting and doing nothing.  Not to mention we have a huge list of things to do, like putting away Christmas decorations (I so don’t want to be looking at them when I come back from the hospital with a baby!), getting the baby’s room done, packing my hospital bag, laundry (ours and all the stuff for the baby), recycling, getting the freezer stocked…
Hmm, watching an episode of Smallville is sounding good right about now.

2 Responses to “I’d rather be…”

  1. Marian December 29, 2005 at 1:37 pm #

    Michael\’s TV time was also restricted when he was younger (though not to the same extent as yours). He must be making up for lost time!

  2. Fawn December 30, 2005 at 9:17 am #

    Ha ha! I guess it\’s just another one of those things for which we have different philosophies. He doesn\’t see why, since we\’re going to watch all the episodes anyway, we shouldn\’t just watch them all at once. I guess I can credit him with wanting to be efficient…?! And while we\’re at it, we can eat all 3 dozen cookies in one go, too.

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