Almost 2006 and so much to do

30 Dec
The fact that it is almost New Year’s Eve really makes me think about the length of my To Do list.  There’s still so much to do before February 3 — and that’s making the assumption that the baby will be on time!  We made a fair stab at getting some things done last night before watching two episodes of Smallville.
We finished taking down the Christmas decorations and put the tree outside.  We cleaned out the stuff in the baby’s room that was just sitting there waiting to be unpacked (stuff like kites, old toys, bath powders, and other miscellanea).  Michael even did a load of laundry!  (I noticed, when I was putting it into the dryer, that the entire load was made up of his boxers and t-shirts, without a single item of my clothing…) 
Since I have a collection of stuffed moose, we decide long ago that they would one day go in the baby’s room.  I didn’t realize that I had quite so many.  Michael’s idea is to install a shelf all along one wall of the room and line them up.  I thought I’d try to line them up on the floor last night to see if we should put the shelf right from one end of the room to the other.  Yup, they pretty much make a line that stretches from wall to wall.  I counted them.  There were about 35, some in mackinaws, some in t-shirts, some in RCMP uniform, some, moose-like, in nothing at all.  And although they’re cute, I think it’s time I retired from collecting moose!  (I have to say, though, my sister-in-law sent me an irresistable moose-shaped wine-stopper this Christmas.  I love it!  It’s not only adorable, but practical, too — in fact, it’s currently stopping up a bottle of wine that Michael opened for cooking.)
I’ve been trying to downsize and get rid of unnecessary possessions as we’ve been unpacking.  The stuffed animals are some of the hardest to let go of!  Although I really don’t need the stuffed koala anymore, it was one of my favourites growing up.  But that’s really not a very good reason to hold onto it, especially if a child could get some pleasure out of it.  Then there’s the stork, the tiger, the cat, the bears…  Anyone looking for stuffed animals?

One Response to “Almost 2006 and so much to do”

  1. Hollie January 4, 2006 at 10:14 am #

    My family nickname since I was very small has been Moosie – so I applaud your moose collection and I\’m glad that your child will grow up in a moose-loving environment.Having shelves running all around the top of the room is a great way to store your critters – don\’t be too hasty to send them packing! But if you must, maybe your local fire hall has a toy drive?

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