Happy New Year!

3 Jan
Michael and I had a fairly quiet long weekend; we didn’t do as much vegging as he would have liked, but we managed to make it through the second half of the Smallville IV season, so I think we did quite a bit!  We even watched all the special features, other than the episodes with commentary.
Besides watching TV, we got some shelving up in the babies room to display some of the moose and northern animals; it’s really the only decorative thing in there right now and it looks pretty darn cute! 
As for the rest of the stuffed animals, my friend Sara gave me a great idea; she suggests taking photos of them and then putting them in a scrapbook so that I can keep the memories of them without the clutter.  It’s a great solution!  I wish I’d thought to photograph my old blue bean-filled lion before I threw him out last week.  The fabric was so rotten, you could literally put your fingers through it.  Michael couldn’t even tell it was a lion!
We went to a couple of furniture stores to look for a dresser (to store baby clothes and to use as a change table), but didn’t see anything decent for a good price, so we’re still hoping to get a used one.  I called up the paper today and placed a "Wanted" ad (free if it’s under 25 words!), so I hope that might yield some results.  I would really like to have this organized before the baby arrives, more so that I can arrange clothes and diapers in a logical place, rather than because it’s so impossible to change a baby on a counter or a bed!
New Year’s Eve was supposed to be a quiet night at home, but our neighbours Tom and Tammy invited us to drop by their house.  We stopped in after dinner (around 8:00), intending to visit for an hour or so, but the company was so congenial (and the snacks were yummy!) and we ended up staying right until midnight.  At the last minute, we turned on the TV and surfed around trying to find a channel that had a count-down.  We finally settled on the Whitehorse community channel, which broadcasts a live video feed from Main Street, with community ads on top.  Comedian Sean Cullen was the soundtrack on the channel — he apparently opened his pants so that they would hit the floor at the stroke of midnight.  I’m not sure whether the time on the channel was accurate, but we all clinked glasses, anyway!  Michael and I had the "Champagne of Ginger Ales" while everyone else had some the real bubbly stuff.
After that we headed home and I had one of my traditional jelly doughnuts (slightly stale, though still yummy, but nowhere near as good as the ones I remember from Robin’s Donuts as a kid) and played a round of Scrabble using the new Scrabble Dictionary while we digested the deep-fried goodies.  That made bedtime pretty late, and I’ve paid for it in not being able to get to sleep the last two nights, but it was fun!  (Even though Michael beat me – blagh!)

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