Cooking Spree

5 Jan

We were a bit low on veggies yesterday, so we stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get some.  Since we were there, we decided to stock up on ingredients for our planned weekend cooking spree.  The idea is to have as many prepared meals as possible in the freezer so that once the baby arrives and we’re too exhausted to think about cooking balanced meals, we can just take something out of the freezer and warm it up.

We noticed a coupon when we first walked into the Superstore, which contributed to the “better stock up” philosophy.  The coupon gave us $30 off our purchases if we got more than $250 worth of groceries.  Easy peasy!

We got what we thought was enough ground beef to make a few meatloaves and lasagne and pasta sauce, plus we got frozen veggies and other ingredients for side dishes.  We also found foil food trays (the kind with the cardboard lids like you see for Chinese take-out) since we don’t have a lot of freezer containers.

Well what with the excitement of it all, Michael decided to make the meatloaves last night instead of waiting for the weekend.  The foil loaf pans we got are slightly smaller than a standard loaf pan, so when he multiplied the recipe by 6, we ended up with 10 meatloaves!  I made a Tuscany chicken recipe that will last us about four meals, as well as a ginormous pot of pasta sauce with which I will make lasagne tonight.

I had to put the pasta sauce out on the deck to cool overnight because it was so hot and so voluminous, I swear it would have spoiled the milk in the fridge.

We ended up not going to bed until midnight.  I was exhausted and my back and legs were aching, but with the freezer almost full, I felt like we had accomplished something really worthwhile.  Michael and I had worked so harmoniously in the kitchen, I had a nice warm fuzzy feeling that we had accomplished something really worthwhile together!  This must be nesting at its best.


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