Head down and ready to go

6 Jan
I was at another doctor’s appointment today and found out that I made up for the weight I lost that week I was off sugar!  I’m up 5 lbs from my last appointment two weeks ago.  That puts me at 181.5 lbs, for a total of 28.5 lbs so far.  The "recommended" weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 36 lbs, so I guess I’m in the right range.
Dr. Mulharen was filling in for Dr. Ikeji today; he’s the nice one who recently moved down from Inuvik.  I hope he decides to open a practice of his own, ’cause he’d make an awesome family doctor!
The heartbeat was quiet again today, and the doctor confirmed that this is because that darn placenta is in the way.  Baby’s heartrate was a healthy 160 bpm.  Some firm palpation on the doctor’s part confirmed that the baby’s head is pointing down, as it should be, so everything’s looking good in terms of positioning and getting ready to come out into the world!
I also had the "Group B Strep" swab done today.  GBS is a naturally occurring bacterium that can come and go and poses no real danger to anyone, except possibly to a baby being delivered vaginally.  If the test comes up positive, they’ll give me an antibiotic IV drip during labour.

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