Weekend suprises

10 Jan
This weekend held a few surprises.  The first one was that we got a stroller on Saturday!  We didn’t plan to get one, but the price was right – Michael found out someone was giving it away on freecycle.org, so we figured, why not?  It’s a double stroller, so we’ll have lots of room either for junk or for future family expansion.
The second (big!) surprise came after I got home from church and running errands on Sunday.  There was a message on the answering machine from Michael’s mom, asking us to phone her back.  I did that and found out that Nemmy had organized a shower for me at Marian’s house!  It had taken place earlier in the day, and they had called to surprise me, which didn’t work very well since I wasn’t home.  But I was surprised to find out about the shower!
Apparently they had fun anyway, playing games, opening the gifts, and I hear Marian even made her famous "baby booties" cake.  My friend Heather video-taped some of the proceedings, so we’ll be getting that along with the gifts from everyone.  I have such sweet and generous friends!  Thank you, Nemmy for organizing!  Thank you, Marian, for hosting!  Thank you, Michael, you sneaky thing you, for getting contact info to Nemmy!  And thanks to all the friends who came (went?!); I’m so glad the baby could be the excuse for a party!

2 Responses to “Weekend suprises”

  1. Nemmy January 12, 2006 at 12:20 pm #

    My pleasure… it was fun! Any excuse to see the Pealows… and any excuse to do something nice for my sister who I don\’t see enough anymore… *sniff sniff* Incidentally, Mike was pricing out tickets to Whitehorse the other day (after your shower… he was so cute… in the manliest possible way…) and it\’s actually a LOT cheaper to fly from Buffalo, even though it takes you through Toronto onto the same flight you would have been taking ANYWAY. Go figure.

  2. Fawn January 13, 2006 at 11:28 am #

    Well, the great thing about flying through Buffalo is that you\’d remember to bring your passport with you, which would come in handy if you want to go out and see Skagway (which is in Alaska). Hey, does this mean you\’re going to come up for a visit?! If you have time, you should wait for seat sales to come up (maybe talk to Walt about it…). The ticket I got for mom was a seat sale and was able to save about 30%.

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