Doctor’s Visit

13 Jan
Michael and I were at the Aurora Clinic a few minutes before 8:45.  I love having the first appointment in the morning because it makes more sense than going in to work for a short time before dashing out again, plus there aren’t any other patients before me to ruin the doctor’s schedule.  This strategy didn’t work today, however, as the doctor didn’t show up until half an hour after we were supposed to see her.  Michael got pretty antsy, as he has a ton of things to do at work.  For that matter, so do I, but I’m worrying more about baby-related tasks these days than work-related ones.
I weighed in at 184 lbs today, which is a 2.5 lb gain from last week (yikes!) and a total of 31 lbs so far.  I’ve been craving a lot of sugar and coffee lately (and have given in to the chocolate a few times) and so my healthy-eating regime of the past 9 months is a bit rough now.  I guess I’ll get back on track today!
Dr. Ikeji was satisfied with everything else, too.  She asked if I’ve been having any contractions (I don’t think I have, though another pregnant friend suggested that some of the times when I just think the baby’s moving could actually be painless "Braxton-Hicks" contractions) and also mentioned that sperm contains prostoglandins that help soften the cervix, in case Michael and I want to try to get things started early.  You can imagine Michael’s delight when she mentioned this.  I laughed, too, though this advice might work to Michael’s disadvantage, since I don’t want things to start too early — I’m planning to work for another two weeks!
Dr. Ikeji told us a little about her first pregnancy and how she worked right up to a week before she delivered because she worked in a male-dominated surgery ward and felt she needed to prove she didn’t need special treatment.  And then she returned to work 5 weeks after her daughter was born because she was afraid of losing her position.  She said she was okay with it, but wouldn’t recommend it to her daughters!  We’re so lucky that times have changed so that we can leave our jobs for a whole year!
Baby’s heart rate was 159 bpm today.  Dr. Ikeji told us that if she were to make a prediction of the baby’s sex, she would say it’s a girl.  She said her guess not based on anything scientific, just an "old doctor’s tale".  I happen to also think the baby’s a girl, and it won’t be very long before we know for sure!

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