Weekend activity: where there’s smoke . . .

16 Jan
It was a busy weekend.
Saturday we planned to have our friend Mike Tribes over for dinner and a game of Munchkin.  Since his girlfriend Kim wasn’t going to be available, we thought we should expand the invitation to get a couple more players.  We somehow ended up with TWO more couples, so all of a sudden the evening mutated into dinner for 7 people!  The daytime was therefore pretty much filled with cleaning house (Michael mopped and polished the floors!) and cooking.  Michael hauled an extra table from the basement, since our little Ikea table doesn’t seat 7 very comfortably.  I was a little worried about having enough food, especially since there was no meat involved (Mike’s a vegetarian), but we ended up with tons of leftovers, even a couple of extra slices of the peach flan Mike brought — yum!  As an aside, I managed to make biscuits, soup, pasta, and sauce, all without burning anything.  This is quite an achievement these days, as you may appreciate as you keep reading.
Sunday was another organizing day.  Michael cleaned up the basement office while I put the kitchen back in order.  A young neighbour across the street asked us for a ride to her work downtown, so I took the opportunity to get a few more things for the nursery.  The 70’s dresser we picked up on Friday evening now has it’s shining space of glory as the new change table.  I went and bought a shelf to install above it to hold diaper-changing supplies, and a few wicker baskets in which to organize them.  I have to admit that Michael is right when he observes it doesn’t really match, but nothing in the room matches, and we had already talked about staining the moose shelf this summer, so we might be able to fix that to some extent.
I also hung up a candelabra that Maria left us before she went back to Germany, and spent some time converting the mirror that came with the 70’s dresser so that I could hang it above the dresser in our bedroom. 
While I was doing that, I was boiling a heat pack on the stove.  It’s a neat contraption that has a little metal piece in it; when you bend the metal, it sets off a chemical reaction that heats up the pack.  Since it hardens as it heats, you have to boil it in water to get it back to its original state.  Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in hanging the mirror, that I completely forgot about the heat pack . . . until the smoke alarm went off.  The heat pack is now in the garbage, there’s a lingering smell of burnt plastic in the house, and the bottom of our smallest pot has a black spot that isn’t likely to come off anytime soon.  I really should know better than to attempt multi-tasking these days, especially when it comes to using the stove.  How many times since moving to Whitehorse have I burned food to the bottom of a pot?  I bet I couldn’t even count on one hand if I had been keeping track.
Maybe I should just leave all the cooking to Michael.

One Response to “Weekend activity: where there’s smoke . . .”

  1. Meandering January 16, 2006 at 3:40 pm #

    That WOULD make cleaning the pots easier, since you can\’t seem to reach the sink to do the dishes these days…

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