18 Jan
They say you become scatterbrained and inattentive during pregnancy.  The nurse who taught our prenatal class called it "mothermind".  I certainly seem to be absent-minded today.  How can I call myself a scrapbooker when I couldn’t even remember to bring a camera with me to the baby shower I knew was being held today?!
The shower was a lot of fun; it was potluck style, so there was lots of different food.  Two friends from work organized decorations and games.  I even won a prize in the baby shower bingo, which I kind of felt was unfair, since I got all the other gifts, too!  Baby got a few new outfits and other essentials, and my branch teamed up to get me a massage.  The department gave us a gift certificate for the Superstore, which carries tons of baby stuff, so if we’ve forgotten anything, we’ll know where to go. 
 Having been in Whitehorse for such a short time, I didn’t think anyone would organize a shower for this baby, and now there have been two!  I can’t help but be thankful for how blessed we are.

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