Panoply of preggy paunches

19 Jan
Yesterday I went to two different potlucks!  The first was, of course, my office baby shower.  The second was a "Party Before you Pop" hosted by one of the ladies from our pre-natal class.  You’d think I’d have remembered my camera after forgetting it in the morning, but I was too preoccupied with finishing the trifle I was bringing, and facing the cold walk over to Amanda and Philippe’s house.  Fortunately, one of the other ladies was kind enough to share her pictures with me.
Most of the couples from the class made it.  We were just missing Jen, who is on bedrest because of high blood-pressure, and Tasha, who was either to shy to come or was resting up after being medevaced to Vancouver last week because her contractions started early (she’s not due until the end of February).  The rest of us made quite a ruckus joking around about who would be the first to pop.  It was funny to see how the couples started out mixed, but then eventually the men congregated in the dining room (around the food) while the women yakked it up in the living room.
The evening was so fun, I hope that we’ll keep having occasional get-togethers, even after all our babies are born.  I’m sure we will all be able to use a dose of adult company every once in a while over the next few months!
Here’s a shot Janine sent me of us showing all our bellies off.  We’re standing in order of expected due date, starting with Amanda at the very right.  You sure can’t tell from our sizes who’s due to go first!

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