38-Week Doctor’s Visit

20 Jan
Michael and I were at the doctor’s office at 8:45 again this morning.  By 9:05, Cathy the receptionist told us the doctor would be at least another half hour late, as she was attending to someone’s labour, as well as an induction at the time.  We decided it would be better to go to work and then return later on rather than to wait idly.  Before we left, Cathy weighed me and pronounced me to be at 183.5 lbs, which is half a pound less than last week.  I guess it helps that we didn’t have Christmas in between!
When we went back to the clinic at 11:30, we ended up bumping someone else’s appointment.  At the last appointment, Dr. Ikeji had said we should discuss intervention (like pain relief) this week, and I wondered if we would still have that talk, since all her appointments were backed up.  I asked her about it and she did take the time to talk with us, which Michael and I both really appreciated.
The baby’s heart rate was 156 bpm, which was pronounced good.  Dr. Ikeji was surprised, though, when she measured my fundal height (the size of the uterus) and got 34 cm.  The rule of thumb is that one is supposed to be about 1 cm for every week of pregnancy; I’ve always measured on the small side throughout this pregnancy, but I’ve been consistently only a centimetre or two behind, which is still normal.  She felt for the baby’s position and determined that the he or she is quite low.  (Michael was delighted to hear this, as he’s been telling me my belly looks lower than before.)
Dr. Ikeji decided to do an internal exam to check out my cervix.  Apparently things are softening up in there (which is good) but still closed tight (which I’m happy to hear, since I plan to work for another week!)  The doctor was satisfied that I’m moving along as I should be.  It’s anyone’s guess now when this baby will actually be coming!

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